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Adriano  Martinelli

 Adriano Martinelli was born in Capannori (Lucca) on the May, 14, 1949; he graduated in Chemistry at the University of Pisa in 1972. Since 1976 he has been employed as teacher and researcher at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Pisa; he has been Full Professor of Medicinal Chemistry since 2000;  in 2012 he has been awarded with the “Ordine del Cherubino“; he is the author of several publications in prestigious international journals of medicinal chemistry. His research work has dealt mainly with the application of computational chemistry techniques in several fields of medicinal chemistry with the aim of understanding interaction mechanisms and designing new optimized compounds:

  • calculation of molecular (electronic and steric) properties of bioactive compounds through quantum mechanics and classical mechanics calculations (adrenergic, dopaminegic, adenosine, cannabinoid, etc. receptors ligands, enzyme substrates and inhibitors)
  • molecular modeling of macromolecules (adrenergic, dopaminergic and adenosinic receptors; several enzymes) through homology procedures and molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics calculations.
  • docking studies of several ligand-receptor complexes through both manual and automatic methods.

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