TargetPred Beta

Welcome to TargetPred Beta.targetpred_logo

TargetPred is a platform developed to perform TargetFishing predictions.
What is TargetFishing? Let’s imagine that you have a compound with active biological properties but you don’t know its mechanism of action and its target, well this is the case to use TargetPred!
With this platform you can get an overview of possible targets for your compound. In particular, we have divided the biological enzyme into families and based on this classification our artificial intelligence models can calculate the potential activity of your compound.
Isn’t that easy? So, try our platform using the simple web tool you can find on this page. Enjoy!

How to use the Web tool:

  • To use the Web tool, you must have the SMILES for the compound of interest.In case you do not have it, you can use the JSME widget below to sketch your molecule.
  • Copy the SMILES and paste on the TargetPred web tool for getting the predictions.

!!Warning!!. The web tool is still in beta version, so there could be changes both on the graphical component and on the computational side.


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