Release 1.2.1 of MolBook UNIPI is now available!

26/06/2023 – Release 1.2.1 of MolBook UNIPI is available. Try it!

Click here to download it.

Release 1.2.1:

  1. Added: HB-Donors and HB-Acceptors, TPSA, Rotatable bonds, RO5 and RO3 as calculated properties.
  2. Added PAINS tools for calculation and visualization of PAINS matched substructures.
  3. Error handler added. Errors and bugs during software execution are reported preventing the software from crashing.
  4. The software now is provided with a 15-day demo mode.
  5. Added Save button for easly saving the changes of current project. The Save As button has been moved to the File menu.
  6. Correction of a bug when importing sdf files. When an sdf file contained compounds with different number of properties between them, the software crashed.
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