Contamination Lab UNIPI award for our project MolBook Pro

Happy to announce that our project MolBook Pro was awarded at the Contamination Lab, the laboratory of the University of Pisa which trains students, doctoral and post-doc students on the topics of entrepreneurship, and innovation, providing the tools for the development of entrepreneurial ideas, the creation of business models and the creation of academic startups.

Beta Release 1.4 of MolBook UNIPI is now available!

11/10/2023 – Beta Release 1.4 of MolBook UNIPI is available. Try it!

Click here to download it.

Release 1.4 Beta:

  • Added model for prediction of binding to plasma albumin in the ADMEPred tool
  • Added ReactionSearcher tool
  • Included the possibility of protonating molecules at physiological pH
  • Added minimization process during 3D coordinate generation
  • Fixed bug when exporting sdf files (occured if the database had field whose name started with “_”)